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AFF Course - £999 - Learn To Skydive in as little as 8 Jumps with British Instructors in Holland (Courses in Spain are also available). Your course allows you to skydive anywhere in the world as a qualified skydiver

Package Deal - £1,200 - AFF Course, Flights from the UK to Holland (Return), Transport to the airfield (Return) and 7 nights Accommodation. This is an average cost which depends on location of departure & dates as well as the type of accommodation you choose

What's included - 8 Skydives, Training, Equipment Hire, Accessory Hire, Liability Insurance, Club Membership, Video of Skydives and Parachute Association Membership

Your Instructor - I have over 30 years of experience teaching skydiving, I was a member of the Red Devils Freefall Display Team, British National Champion, Stunt Double for James Bond, and many other films and TV programs. See my CV for a complete list of qualifications and achievements and check out my Film Credits

Course Syllabus - You will do your first 3 jumps with 2 highly qualified and experienced instructors, before you progress and jump with 1 instructor for jump numbers 4 to 7. Jump number 8 will be your first solo skydive.

AFF Videos - Watch one of our students going through his course

After Graduation - You will need to do a further 10 consolidation jumps to qualify for your BPA A License. This will cost £25 per jump including kit hire

Course Dates - The next course starts on the 21st to the 27th July.

Facilities - The parachute centre is a club in the real sense of the word, not a club that is owned by a business for maximum profit but a club managed by it's members to keep prices low to benefit skydivers.

Accommodation - The bunk house is state of the art, well maintained with great showers and toilet facilities and we can provide other types of accommodation to suit your requirements

Aircrafts - The club has 2 of the best skydiving aircrafts on the market, they are large, comfortable and climb to altitude faster than our competitors.

Landing Area - We have one of the best landing areas that you will ever see at a parachute centre, a large well maintained open field, surrounded by more fields just in case you were to miss the landing area. safety is our biggest priority

Bar & Cafe - This is a great place to chill out and relax in or sit outside in comfort. Cheap food and drinks especially compared to the majority of parachute centre's because it's owned by the club members

Testimonials - Read what our customers have to say about Sky Science

FAQ - Please feel free to read through our frequently asked questions for more information

We provide the highest quality instruction while also giving you the best financial deal possible. When you do a course with Sky Science you will be well looked after from the day you arrive, but it doesn't end when you qualify as a solo skydiver. We will continue to support you with some great deals that our competitors can’t provide.

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